Friday, March 18, 2011

Annoyingly cute :)

Heyy. i've been sick lately. really sick. but no one cares do they ?
dont bother. im just self-conscience. is that how it spells ? Naaaah. everyone understand.
i've been stuck in bed and my body is stiff right now. i'm really tired. but i had to get all out once in a while. everyone busy with their own problems these day. So i just let time pass by. if i've been held in a hospital, i have my own reasons why i dont let my friends visits. im just letting them guess. sorry you guys. someday i will tell . and i hope is not too late by that time. i think that's it for the time being. my sister had gone to Mesir. so i got my own room back * shoulder wiggle dance * . but since im going to be staying in the hospital for quite sometime , i dont think its an advantage.

"i feel lonely eventhough im in a crowd of people "

p/s: if you are Alya Farzana, sorry i msg u that short text back. it was my bro. i fainted that day. and my sister was playing my tumblr. i dont know what she's done to my tumblr page right this instant.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

25 random things

Since i've been tagged by Liyana Y. i return the tag , i guess.

1) i have ranidaphobia. (fear of frogs )

2) On my 17th birthday , i got a 3 little live frogs from Amer Syazwan (yeah, thanks ame :| )

3) i have lots of best friends, but the longest one i evr have is Alya Farzana , Azmalihah Zain and Zafirah Yusof . love you guys loads <3

4) have a doppleganger . name's falyha.

5) i LOVE chicken. ( Alya farz dear , dont hate me )

6) i like sky blue . gives me serenity.

7) Craving for a Macbook Air 128GB .

8) Last vacation : Langkawi :)

9) Tv : CSI NY , sesame streets , SYTYCD , Phineas and Ferb and Oh! My school.

10) Most wanted countries to travel : Mekkah, Japan, Korea, Rome and anywhere that snows

11) Last country : England

12) Characters : Jack Sparrow, Ferb, Hermoine Granger and Kim Joo Won.

13) Crush : Park yoochun :D

14) Milk in the morning and before bed

15) Love bookstores . can sit for hours for a book. give me any book. i'll read

16) im an otaku. not hard-core.

17) Cats : boy, choco, titi, lily, messi , torres and kiko.

18) Beginner in Photography. have Nikon D5000.

19) i'm lost when coming to choosing a job. yes, i love medical. but i think im not that nice to become like Dr.House but less cruel-ler.

20) my brain is now officially rusting. needs oiling a.s.a.p.

21) Loathes hard-rock.

22) i like sharpies marker

23) i want to play in the rain.a place that i can shout my heart out.

24) when im scared or nervous, i think of ALLAH with trembling, cold and sweaty hands.

25) i have a slightly crook backbone. not a straight one. it hurts when i stand too long.

i dont know if these consider as random facts. but this is what i can muster from my brain. here's to you, Liyana Y. Visit her if u hv time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So true :)