Friday, March 18, 2011

Annoyingly cute :)

Heyy. i've been sick lately. really sick. but no one cares do they ?
dont bother. im just self-conscience. is that how it spells ? Naaaah. everyone understand.
i've been stuck in bed and my body is stiff right now. i'm really tired. but i had to get all out once in a while. everyone busy with their own problems these day. So i just let time pass by. if i've been held in a hospital, i have my own reasons why i dont let my friends visits. im just letting them guess. sorry you guys. someday i will tell . and i hope is not too late by that time. i think that's it for the time being. my sister had gone to Mesir. so i got my own room back * shoulder wiggle dance * . but since im going to be staying in the hospital for quite sometime , i dont think its an advantage.

"i feel lonely eventhough im in a crowd of people "

p/s: if you are Alya Farzana, sorry i msg u that short text back. it was my bro. i fainted that day. and my sister was playing my tumblr. i dont know what she's done to my tumblr page right this instant.